Clear Creek Wildcats Schedule

Updated Tuesday April 10, 2018 by Mark Zuteck.


The CCHS Wildcat Baseball season is up and running and off to a great start! Here's a little information about the upcoming events this season as well as summer camp. We'd love to see you at Mallory Field this year! Our events are as follows: 


*2/19 - 1st preseason home game

*3/16 - Opening Day (1st district home game)

*4/6 - Hero Night

*4/13 - Teacher Appreciation

*4/20 - Senior Night

4/24 - Little League Night    (visit our downloads link on the website) Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

*6/18-21 - Summer baseball camp for incoming 2nd-9th graders   (visit our downloads link on the website)